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  • inspire personal gift service


    Are you STILL googling for the perfect gift only to come up hours later stressed, overwhelmed, sweating and frustrated?


    Let us do it for you!


    WE do the research and curate a personalized shortlist + YOU make the thoughtful choice.


    Save time, money (our social good brand partners are always giving us deals!) & be the gift giving hero.


    Bring JOY to the recipient & the world by giving a gift that gives back.


    **This is a service to provide an online curated gift list. If you would like us to take care of the whole kit, ask us for a custom quote!


    $25.00 - $200.00 per Gifting Service


  • online gift service


    Let us take the stress off your shoulders & be your secret gifting weapon.


    You're so busy it's easy to end up in the last-minute shopping stress zone. You want them to know you care & are mindful of the things they need & love......but you have no TIME.


    We'll give you reminders, do the research + give you a curated shortlist of gifts in your budget, on time every celebration - with a healthy does of social goodness!!

    You can focus on giving the gift of presence.


    **This is a service membership to provide online gift services to you**


    $150.00 - $250.00 annual membership

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