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National slavery & human trafficking prevention month

how her family used her dream to trick her into modern day slavery + what can you do to fight human trafficking?


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She had grown up seeing poverty and sickness, and wanted to be a part of changing that by becoming a nurse. She shared this dream and instead of helping her, her uncle, cousin and FATHER used this dream against her by tricking her into going to Greece where she was trapped into the sex trade serving 40-50 'clients' a day chained to a bed.

Enduring 2 years of slavery before she was rescued in a police raid and brought to the A21 shelter.

Today, with the help of A21, Anna had her dream restored and has graduated and is working as a nurse.

This is Annas story. Getting sold by your family is the second most common way victims are introduced to human trafficking. Anna is a survivor fortunate to be found by A21 an organization with 12 offices in 11 countries. All their work focuses on preventing human trafficking before it starts, 7 focuses on fierce intervention and 6 provide the much needed restorative care survivors need to live again. **Source

This month, we'll be spreading awareness by sharing stories on social media of survivors, the cold hard facts about modern slavery that will surprise you, celebrating the organizations that tirelessly work to conquer this issue and promote awareness of inspiring companies that make it so dang easy for us all to contribute to fighting human trafficking.

"The U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce a groundbreaking $25 million award to the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery for transformational programs around the world to reduce the prevalence of modern slavery." *source

GFEMS is creating the vital link in connecting resources globally to fight human trafficking, collaborating globally means it is harder for traffickers to target vulnerable populations.

Making it easy to conquer this cause, here are a few amazing US non-profits or social enterprises that are doing amazing work all over the world.

what's this got to do with a gift service?

Thanks for asking! Our social good gift service focuses on supporting change-making companies/non-profits that have made it unbelievably easy for everyone to give back and conquer a cause without you having to go out of your way!

As Purpose Jewelry states: "Something as simple as jewelry making offers young women a fresh start and the ability to accomplish their dreams".


It's these innovative collaborations that make it possible for everyone to change the world.

I know you have a Christmas hangover but before you know it it's going to be Valentines Day, Mothers Day and a handful of birthdays in between so let's get prepared to give purposeful gifts so you can Sparkle + Conquer.

jewelry to fight human trafficking

Sparkly jewelry, hand-made by the survivors of human trafficking. Starfish Project not only rehabilitate but provide education and employment opportunities.


Their work focuses on helping survivors all over Asia experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers.

Check out their stunning range here and get ready early for Valentines!

good paper

good paper cards

Can a card change a life? Can it be more than ink on paper?

Good Paper believes it can and its mission is to restore the human spirit.

They start with the cardmakers - women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines and young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda.

Now its up to you. Sending a Good Paper creation to a loved one delivers

Delight. Encouragement. Joy. Hope. Good Paper cards are changing a world.

Branded Collective

Use Code: SPARKLE10 all month to fight human trafficking & save 10%!

WHY: We exist to empower survivors of human trafficking through meaningful work and economic independence.

We HOPE each survivor will be inspired to rediscover the dreams she has lost and be motivated to go forth and pursue them. We seek to unite a collective of survivors and patrons who work together to advance the abolition of human trafficking.

Get to know co-founder Lauren in our change-maker chat last year here.


"Giving a woman the opportunity to gain job skills and find a long-term career is vital for creating a pathway to freedom."

Known for their beautiful Punjammies, trademark flowy fit and beautiful prints, these pajama and loungewear pants are a perfect gift for any women that loves comfort.

Every item is lovingly hand sewed by survivors and therefore invests in job creation and skills training for women in India who are working to remain free from sex slavery.

Creating a non profit arm Sudara Freedom Fund their work focuses on helping survivors through housing, education, micro-finance and sustainability so the next generations can break the cycle.


Use Code: TAYOWOMAN all month to fight human trafficking & save 15%!


Wipe Every Tear started in a high school teacher’s classroom. As a basketball coach and father, Kenny Sacht’s heart broke during a 2007 summer mission trip with his students during a basketball outreach held in a Philippine slum.

Afterward, he and his wife decided to help one impoverished girl he’d met during that time. One girl quickly became four. The first safe house, called Hope House. Women were welcomed into Hope House where they experienced freedom, security, warm meals, education, and discipleship.

Through this simple act of providing a loving home, women’s lives are continuing to be restored to this day. **source

purpose jewelry
wear freedom jewelry to fight human trafficking

Use Code: SPARKLE all month to fight human trafficking & save 15%!

"Something as simple as jewelry making offers young women a fresh start and the ability to accomplish their dreams".

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to make a difference. PURPOSE Jewelry is beautifully crafted by young women rescued from human trafficking. By Purchasing with Purpose®you are providing freedom, dignity and hope for these amazing artisans in the global areas they work in, centres in India, USA, Uganda and Mexico.


Use Code: SPARKLE all month to fight human trafficking & save 20%!

I just love all the hand made pieces designed and made by founder Jen of UNCVRD Jewelry. Each seasonal range is blindingly beautiful and gives back 40% towards organizations such as Gems Uncovered to fight slavery.

1.2 million children are being trafficked every year. In USA, 300,000 American Boys and Girls under 18 are lured into the commercial sex trade every year. *Source Gems Uncovered

ethical fashion jewelry

**ABLE links are affiliate links

Free stacking ring w/ $49 purchase Code: RING2018

"While living in Ethiopia Barrett Ward saw firsthand how extreme poverty forced young women, generation after generation, to resort to prostitution as a means of supporting themselves and their families.

The goal was to provide an alternative that would provide these women with the opportunity to earn a living, empowering them to end the cycle of poverty that kept them trapped. Armed with multiple studies illustrating how the employment of women benefits and strengthens an entire community, the ABLE team set out on a mission to end generational poverty, one job at a time."


FREE extra ethical gift bonus! Use Code: Sparkle


Give hope to a human trafficking survivor. Not just another subscription box, but in addition to a beautiful box of ethical goodies, each box gives a survivor of human trafficking a care box so they too can feel LOVED + WORTHY.

Even though December is over, the Dressember campaign is still open and active through til the end of January!

Help Dressember reach their goal of $2 million so they can support their incredible partners in fighting human trafficking.

donate to fight human trafficking

what can you do?

1. Practice conscious consumerism. Be aware of where your products are made? Is the supply chain creating fair employment? Does the company exploit the vulnerable? Do some research into your every day purchases as a small household change can have a significant impact on market share to support companies that don't use slave labour.

2. Support non-profits + social enterprises creating employment opportunities for survivors to become empowered and independent. This is key to rehabilitation of survivors and prevention programs.

3. Get educated. Check out the DHS resources and Blue Campaign to find out the stats & signs and what you can do if you see the signs. Or check out a list of resources here to find out how to stop sex trafficking in the U.S. Or see which countries are most affected on the Global Slavery Index.

4. Spread Awareness. You can join rallies, marches, events or it can be as simple as sharing a post on social media, the more awareness that modern slavery is very real even today even in first world countries surprises people. Don't under estimate the power of education.

5. Support or participate in Dressember 2018! Don't forget the campaign is still open through til the end of January!

6. Shop for gifts with purpose! Let's face it, you'll be purchasing at least 1 gift this year, for you or others, check out these amazing give back organizations above that don't sacrifice quality and make you an instant world-changer.

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Was this post helpful? Are you aware of the enormity of human trafficking today? Did our suggestions for what you can do inspire you to take action?

We'd love to hear from you, just comment below and let's start a conversation!!

Keep sparkling, Sez xx

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