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hey from sez! founder, mumma + world lover

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sparkle and conquer social good gift service

Oh hey! I'm Sez, founder + curator of
Sparkle + Conquer your social good gift brand. is your go-to hub for gifting good.

Sparkle + Conquer jumped outta my brain, knocked my bagel out of my hand and smacked in the face whilst living in NYC and realizing the pure craziness of mindless consumerism.

I had a crazy thought that WHAT IF we could encourage people by making it as easy as possible to buy "good"? WHAT IF I could create a modern brand that brings a little sparkle into gifting good and showing people the power of a purposeful purchase? Imagine if I could get 1 person to change the way they shop for gifts and they bought 1 gift from the social good brands I've connected them to!! Yikes! That's what makes me jump on the couch and do a Tom Cruise whilst yelling "AND YOU'VE GOT A CAR! AND YOU'VE GOT A CAR! AND YOU'VE GOT A CAR!" In a less intense description, that's what makes my insides SPARKLE.

Despite my complete lack of technical skills, lack of time + lack of marketing or branding skills BUT combining my natural love for gift hunting, my love for companies that go above and beyond to give back, a desire to learn and a Mumma bear instinct to build a better lifestyle and WORLD for my Three-nager Eva, a social good brand connecting & helping people specifically for gifts is my way to Sparkle + Conquer.

Tell me about YOU! What makes your insides Sparkle?

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