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affiliate link disclosure

coz my daddy aint payin my go daddy fees

· HEY there Love Sez x

Yep, as much as I love this Sparkle + Conquer has to make some money to cover fees to run this site!!

This means - if a purchase is made after clicking through a link on this site, we may be paid a commission for connecting the transaction. We are part of Amazon Affiliates (yes, even social enterprises sell stuff on Amazon), Share A Sale (some awesome social good companies are utilizing this platform) and for those companies that don't have affiliate programs, I'll still tell you about them because I must think they are awesome.

What does that mean for you? It does not cost you any extra, it does not effect the quality of the product/service but most importantly it does not effect the positive social impact you made when purchasing!!

The BEST bit about this! It means we can multiply the goodness by donating 50% of our affiliate commissions to causes we feature.

Thanks for supporting a social good marketplace, we can change the world 1 gift at a time!!

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