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who is the sparkle + conquer community?

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Who is Sparkle + Conquer?

YOU! Sparkle + Conquer is for the leaders of today that know it's possible to Sparkle being the best YOU and have the power to Conquer a cause at the same time.

By CHOOSING to #purchasewithpurchase and divert our (already budgeted) spend to Gifts That Give Back we can multiply the power of every gift, every purchase WE make.

Coming soon is a online hub for social good gift giving that focuses on what's important, the recipient with a healthy splash of social goodness.

Whether you use our personal gift services or the directory, we have curated a collection of social good gifts from the worlds change-makers for you to easily find that thoughtful gift and give back for social good.

Thank YOU World-changers! We Are Going To

Change The World 1 Gift At A Time

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